Celebrity/ editorial manicurist Natasha Ray's professionalism, attention to detail and trend setting style has established her as one of the most prominent manicurist in the fashion and beauty industry. She has developed a gentle, yet thorough approach to manicuring with over ten years of experience in high end nail care.

Natasha's personalize approach to her treatments has allowed her to establish herself as a international trainer and a well known Minx Master.

Her passion for the community and eagerness to motivate and guide inner city youth drove her to establish a summer youth program focusing on the importance of journaling, self expression, and basic nail care, in Washington, D.C. Natasha's positivity and willingness to teach has made her one the most apropos mentors for other manicurist, which contributes to her future goal of beginning an Advance Nail Training Academy.

She is passionate about creating beautiful healthy nails with the emphasis on nail care.

Natasha's innovative aspirations has guided her in a direction that would be life altering ultimately resulting in her working as a freelance manicurist for editorial publications, advertising, campaigns, celebrity bookings, and fashion week while she continues to expand her brand.